Monday, June 6, 2011

Chinese character pairings having matching Pinyin letters but different tones

  • fūfù 夫婦 (a husband and wife)
  • gōnggòng 公共 (public)
  • jījí 積極 (energetic)
  • māomáo 貓毛 (cat hair)
  • rènrén 認人 (to recognize people [said of babies])
  • shìshí 事實 (fact)
  • xiǎngxiàng 想像 (imagine)
  • xìnxīn 信心 (confidence)
The Pleco Chinese dictionary app, with its Wild search capability, could straightforwardly find all such possibilities, but these are examples that are common enough that I could come up with them while, e.g., idling in the supermarket.

Chinese expressions having 2 or more syllables and matching Pinyin letters, but different tones

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