Sunday, July 31, 2011

IMDb (Internet Movie Database) app

Like many folks, I have often used Google to search for a bunch of different things, including movies. In some such movie searches I thought (not sure if I can reproduce this now) that the first screen of search results only showed the remaining show times for that day.  In any case, I'm not always looking for just a given day's possibilities -- I might be looking for a show time in the coming days.

It's not always clear that it is worth installing an app for something which is already eminently usable through a web browser. Aside from the space/clutter issue that comes with each additional app, if the app later gets updated (a frequent enough occurrence), you will get the minor nag notification to do that update. That's not such a big deal, but since I don't always want to choose the Update All option, I need to login with my Apple ID for each app's update, and it's kind of annoying to see, e.g., "7 updates" notification. I've been refusing to do a particular app's update for over a month because the update's only listed "improvement" bring ads.

There should be some significant added value in an app over what could be done in a browser, and I was pleasantly surprised that the IMDb app delivers. It does list all show times, but it also (if you gave it a geographical location to search) quite prominently shows movies from local "artsy" and at least some college/university theaters. I don't go out to movie theaters extremely often, but I might just be lured out a tiny bit more by IMDb's app.

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