Sunday, August 14, 2011

Late Browser Mobile app

8/27/11: I now recommend Mercury Web Browser Lite over the Late Browser Mobile app.

I have not used the free Late Browser Mobile app much, but it does give you the option to use a mostly darker screen for nighttime web browsing (darker than usual, e.g., with Safari). The top portion of the screen, which has the controls, remains at the normal brightness level. I imagine the developers did that so you could never inadvertently dim your controls down to where you couldn't find them.

However, that section of normal brightness detracts from a full-screen "dark-browsing" experience. Perhaps the developers could instead have restricted the lower limit of darkness, such that the controls in many instances would remain visible?

I imagine the developers wanted to save space at the top of the screen for their controls, so they removed the common iOS top bar which shows the clock time in the middle. Normally you can tap that time display to zip to the top of the document, but I don't see any way to do that in Late Browser Mobile.

This is the only app I can think of which displays an ad (the same one) twice, once at the top and once at the bottom of the initial search screen. Thankfully it seems only one would be visible at any one time, depending on how you've swiped the screen up or down, and no ads show when you've left the initial search screen.

The very bottom of the initial search screen has a 5-digit "LED" display which shows a number, which seems to be strictly ascending in my usage, and may indicate some quantity of the data you have downloaded in your browsing.

8/24/11: Wow, I didn't realize how many free browsers there are in the App Store. While I don't think any are likely to dethrone my favored Opera Mini browser, perhaps I'll find other browsers with a night mode.

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