Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Speedtest.net Mobile Speed Test

Check broadband speed with this free native iOS app. I had previously used Ookla's http://www.speedtest.net/ website from a PC browser to do the same thing, but checking broadband speed can often more conveniently be done on a mobile computing device. Their app stores results of your broadband speed tests, which you can export to CSV and e-mail.

My broadband speed is regrettably often erratic (both regrettably often erratic and regrettably often erratic), with recent high and low download speeds differing by more than a factor of 12. The Speedtest.net Mobile Speed Test app will help me keep an eye on my provider, who won't be my provider for long if they revisit that low end of broadband speed with any frequency.

You can get additional perspective by using the app to test broadband speed of any wireless Internet access to which you have access.

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  1. Nice sharing..But i have check my internet speed regularly at www.ip-details.com it provide results in Mbps and MBps.


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