Monday, July 18, 2016

Sea creatures in Chinese and French

(Mandarin Chinese Pinyin) French
whale 鯨魚 (jīngyú) la baleine
squid 魷魚 (yóuyú) le cal(a)mar
dolphin 海豚 (hǎitún) le dauphin
jellyfish 水母 (shuǐmǔ) la méduse
seahorse 海馬 (hǎimǎ) le hippocampe
shark 鯊魚 (shāyú) le requin
turtle 烏龜 (wūguī) la tortue marine
crab 螃蟹 (pángxiè) le crabe
skate 鰩 (yáo) la raie
octopus 章魚 (zhāngyú) la pieuvre

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