Thursday, October 26, 2017

Apollo Reddit Client app 1.0

If you are a "Redditor", you may be quite pleased by the new Apollo Reddit Client app, whose version 1.0 was just released a couple of days ago. (If you are not a "Redditor", you can search the Internet for "Reddit" to learn more.) The developer has previously worked at Apple and states that he has designed it with a very iOS-feel (perhaps unlike the official Reddit: Trending News & Tips client app, which is made for both iOS and Android and supposedly tries to maintain a similar feel -- I myself am strictly an iOS user, so can't comment on the Android aspects). I liked it immediately -- it just feels right and smooth.

I previously bought the (In-App) Pro version of the BaconReader for Reddit client app, but have run into some very slow data loading with it of late, something which doesn't seem to occur with Apollo (or with the official Reddit: Trending News & Tips client app). One other nice Apollo aspect I like is the separate-colors-of-the-rainbow (well, maybe missing indigo) marking (with horizontal bar) of different levels of comments, which helps see the hierarchy. BaconReader may soon no longer be my primary Reddit client app.

You can get in on the ground floor (1.0) now!

The developer states he is keen on making more improvements, and is looking for suggestions for same. See the ApolloApp subreddit for more....

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