Monday, March 28, 2011

Netflix video on the iPod

To lengthen my iPod's battery life, I've been keeping screen brightness at about 30% (10/24/12: which I subsequently discovered is insufficient in bright sunlight), which has proved fine for everything except my first foray into a Netflix movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (for which a friend's husband won an Oscar!). Since many of the movie's early scenes are fairly dark, I cranked the brightness up to 100% in order to see things more clearly.

I also used earphones for the first time, really, and the sound is pretty good.  It was reassuring to see that all that lint in the earphone port didn't cause any problems.  I'm only 17 minutes into the movie, and the flexibility of Netflix streaming on-demand means that's as far as I'll get until I'm good and ready to continue, like maybe during a future meal....

Watching episodes of the comedies The Office and (the animated) Futurama previously was totally fine at 30% brightness, but much of those shows' entertainment value is their audio content. Setting the volume up to maximum without using earphones was okay in a quiet room.

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