Friday, March 18, 2011

What's in a name?

I searched far and wide (well, maybe 15 minutes) to find a "decent" name for this blog address, needing to supply the part before "". Along the way, I traveled through a desolate wasteland of apparently long-abandoned blogspot blogs. I hit a number of them, including ones whose creators had, years ago, taken attractive blog names, and then written a single shill entry to try to make money from advertising. I should have used blogger's internal method of checking possible names instead of dignifying those sites with hits.

I tried using my first name (Ken) inside or with some other words, rejecting everything my web search turned up for "words ending in -ken".  I remember hearing that Steven Sondheim used a rhyming dictionary, probably long before the web made that easy.

I eventually pulled down a paper dictionary from my shelf to look at words that started with "en", eventually considering that "kenamored" fit the bill quite well -- enamored was already a word I had planned to use in the blog description.  Don't ask a (regular) paper dictionary, however, to find "words ending in -ken."....

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