Saturday, May 19, 2012

Radio apps for French and Spanish

The free Radio Française (version 2.4) and Radio Española (version 1.2) apps allow you to listen to a selection of radio stations (some Internet-only) from France and Spain, respectively. They are from the same developer, and share the same interface. The version differences between apps for different countries appear to at least partly be related to changes the developer makes to add or fix radio streams for a given country.

Since I am generally looking for conversation as opposed to music, I "favorite" suitable stations so I can easily find them in the future.

Under Channels, you can select by Name, Location, or Genre. I looked for "News" under Genre to find useful stations. Scrolling down that far lost the Name/Location/Genre headings at the top, so the image below is from the top (where the musical group "Abba" gets its own genre!).

Below are quick favorites I chose for these two apps:

This developer, Fredo, also has similar radio apps for other countries. Below is a sample listing:

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